130,000 euros a day, Shakira’s income when she becomes the voice of the World Cup in South Africa according to a study

The Shakira brand He is a gold mine, signing advertising contracts worth up to nine million dollars. In the mid-2000s, Forbes estimated his net worth at 38 million dollars. When he becomes the official voice of the World Cup in South Africa, one study puts his income at 130,000 euros per day, as collected by the research team.

The tax authority He puts the case in the hands of the prosecution, Which investigates how much Shakira earns from 2012 to 2014.

Francesco Bonatti, an expert on Prevention of bleaching De Capitalis explains that” income as a singer and a musical performer is being investigated “and adds:” There is an important contract with a global acting agency that generates five million a year. He also has copyrights, he comes to enter two million, almost annually. Finally, he participates as a coach in a music program in the United States that can generate between four and seven million per year.”

“The economic structure that Shakira has is very similar to a large multinational corporation She works in different areas Where the law allows you to pay as few taxes as possible”.

Researchers have discovered that social It spreads all over the planet: Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, United States, Panama, the Netherlands, Malta, Luxembourg, Spain. Twelve companies related to each other, the owner of which is the Colombian singer

* The content to which the information refers is part of the research team’s 2022 program rebroadcast on Friday.

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