31938, the third prize in the Christmas lottery 2023

The third is out now! The third most important prize in this raffle is on Christmas lottery 2023 He relapsed at number 31938. Winners with this number receive 500,000 euros for the series , or what is the same, 50,000 euros to the tenth. The award fell entirely in Piar, Alicante.

Obviously, we all want to Let’s play fat Or the Second prize, Which are the juiciest amounts in the 2023 Christmas lottery draw. Even more so if we get pregnant Common lotteries Or the entries, because we know that in the rest of the prizes we will already win less. But we will definitely not disdain the third prize if we get this December 22nd-the New York Times. Of course, as with the first and second, only the third prize is extracted, so if you are unlucky with this prize, you will already have to rely on other amounts.

How much does the Treasury keep from the third prize?

In the case of a tenth winner, you need to know that The Treasury Department gets a share of the third prize. This is because all prizes, not just the Christmas ones, are subject to a special tax which is from 20% of the amount. This means that the winners of the first, second and third prizes do not receive the full amount of the prize, although the first 40,000 euros are exempt from this tax. The good thing about this third prize is that, being only 50, 000 euros per tenth, it suffers less tax withholding.

Therefore, the deduction will be applied only to the remaining 10, 000, which will remain at 8, 000 euros when deducting 2000 that go to the state coffers. In total, the tenth receives the third prize A total of 48,000 euros is clean.

How to collect the third prize?

Since it is a prize of more than 2000 Euros, we have to follow the payment protocol for important prizes, since you cannot go to the administration to redeem it. If you received the tenth in the traditional way, that is, with a physical tenth , then you should claim your prize through one of the Associated banking entities To the state lottery and the state betting service (Silay), which is only this year Caixabank and BFA.

You have to go with the tenth winner, and the most appropriate thing is to determine at that moment who the alleged depositors of the tithe are; that is, if you share it, they have to come or the people who participate in that tenth should tell about themselves. It is not recommended that one person enter it and then distribute it, because The Treasury can claim the gift tax.

In the case of acquired tenths On the internet On the state lottery and betting website, the largest jackpots are paid by Transfer to the player’s bank account, Once the account number is verified after withdrawal. And if you have bought on some platform On the internet Or on the website of some administration and you left it in the reservation, the entity will check the authenticity of the tenth, and then the process of determining the winners will begin before the bank transfer.

I don’t have the third prize, but I stayed close

The third prize is also accompanied by what is known as Approximate estimates. If you are not lucky enough to get the same number as the third prize, but you have some tenth or share the previous or subsequent number, you will receive 960 euros.

They will also take 100 euros hundreds And the tenths containing the last two digits of the third prize:

Lasista lotometer: how to check the rest of the numbers

Lasixta offers a very simple way to check all the numbers you are playing in this Christmas lottery 2023. In the Lotometer From Sexta You can make a list of all your numbers and entries to check, in one fell swoop, which of them has won a prize.

More about the Christmas lottery

Once you have the list , you can go Checking in as the giveaway progresses Just with one click. Of course, remember that they are always prone to possible mistakes until Silay says otherwise.

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