41147 , the second fourth prize of the Christmas lottery 2023

After singing First fourth prize From Christmas lottery, The last of the big prizes of the giveaway arrived. The 41147 It was a lucky number that the children of San Ildefonso sang with ‘200,000 euros’ , and that he had left at 12:07 in the morning. Specifically, they were Ainhoa Rosero and Rosario Martinez The girls who sang it.

This sixth fourth prize falls into only two departments:

  • Saint-Esteve, 98, Granollers (Barcelona)
  • Plaza constituci ocean , 9 , 37300 P. ermaranda de Bracamonte, From Salamanca.

This case was awarded with The second of the four awards, Donated 200,000 euros to the chain and 20,000 euros to the tenth. Those in possession of a tenth of this figure will take a fraction of the 2,590 million euros distributed by lotteries and bets this year.

The big event of this Friday is the Christmas lottery draw that started this morning at 9: 00h, The time when dozens of stones were singing. All awards all awarded numbers can be viewed at Lotometer .

How much money is the fourth prize

As mentioned earlier , the fourth two awards have a giveaway of 200,000 euros per series, which is then 20,000 euros to the tenth. Unlike what happens with others Christmas lottery prizes, For which the Treasury keeps a piece of the cake, in the case of the fourth prizes, the winners receive a clean 20,000 euros, the first 40,000 euros of each quarter are exempt from taxes.

Of course, the The fourth prize also brings with it another prize, Even if it has no rough estimates. All tenths that match the hundredths of this number get 100 euros.

When and how to get the fourth prize

In the event that you are the owner of such a graceful figure, there will be Collect this award. It should be noted that it is necessary Send the tenth or receipt To be able to collect a Christmas lottery prize.

Those who want to collect the prize as soon as possible should take into account the following As of the afternoon of December 22nd, When the checks of the extracted numbers are completed, the payment of prizes will begin and, depending on the amount, they will have to be collected in one way or another.

In the case of the children of San Ildefonso a number may be sung with one of the Prizes less than 2000 euros For every tenth or receipt, the bonus must be collected at one of the 10902 points of sale of the trading network in cash (up to 1000 euros) or even by bizum. On the contrary, those who have one award An amount exceeding 2000 euros per tenth, As the third prize corresponding to 20,000 euros, it must be collected by bank transfer at one of the accredited financial institutions: bpfa and kaixabank.

More about the Christmas lottery

On the other hand, if he has Bought the tenth in the lottery administration On the internet, A completely different process must be followed. From Silay they point out that in the case of tenths purchased on the official channel, the largest prizes, such as the fourth prize, are paid by bank transfer to the bank account that the player sends in his game account, as soon as the account number is verified after the draw.

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