A boy tries to imitate ‘Superman’ and ends up ‘landing’ on a Christmas tree

The Christmas Day, In addition to being a family time, it is also an organized time Parties With friends or with co-workers. But, in some cases, those parties do not end Very good As you can see in the video presented by Kiki combed.

In it it can be seen as The boy Walks on the many streams that are located in Bar or restaurant Under the watchful eye of other customers. The boy, fortunately, does not throw anything out of Kitchen appliances Which falls on her. When you reach the end Row He has Fantastic An idea.

The boy, without warning, decides to jump as if Superhero. But , as you can see from the photos, it does not contain any of them Magic Cape That allows it to fly and ends up ‘landing’ on The Christmas tree Which rests on the person who was sitting on Chair Enjoy the evening.

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About the Author: Muhammad Idham