A great Sudoku of variable mortgages

Variable mortgages are regaining attractiveness ahead of expectations...
<span class="ue-c-article__media-description"></p> <p> Variable mortgages are regaining attractiveness in the face of expectations of low interest rates.<br /> </span><span class="ue-c-article__media-source"><span class="ue-c-article__media-author">Dreamtime </span><span class="ue-c-article__media-agency">Expansion</span></span>

Banks so triple the fixed rate that they apply the first 12 24 months of variable rate loans to protect their margin and be able to make a difference on highly competitive Euribor.

The historical rise in Euribor for 12 months (about 3.8% in the average monthly rate began in December, but reached 4.16% in October) significantly increased the rate of mortgages.
In October of last year, shortly after Dr

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