A man stabs a tourist to death in central Paris and injures another with a hammer

At least one person He died Another was injured on Saturday after a person attacked passers-by armed with a knife and a hammer. The events took place in the Grinnell area, near Eiffel TowerThis was stated by the minister of internal affairs, G. arald Darmanin. National anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office Announced the opening of Investigation of the attack.

In an online message, the Prime Minister, Elizabeth Bourne, Assume that this is a new terrorist attack in France, a month and a half after the last one in Arras (north), where a jihadist with a Russian passport stabbed a high school teacher. “I salute the courage and professionalism of our law enforcement and our relief services. We will not give up A period in the face of terrorism. Never, ” Bourne said.

Darmanin reports that the attacker has already been booked To get convinced From four years in prison, he shouted “God is greatAnd he had a ” serious.” Psychological problems“.

The minister provided details on the identity of the attacker: a man Born in 1997 in France, A resident of the Paris suburbs and already sentenced in 2016 to four years in prison for an attack thwarted by the French authorities. “That’s why he was already detained by our secret services,” said Darmanin, who explained that the young man was taking medication forSerious problems The mental illness he suffers from.”

According to the French press, the deceased is a tourist with German and Filipino citizenship who was found stabbed in the back and shoulder on the iconic Bir Hakim bridge over the Seine.

The injured man, an English tourist, was hit on the head with a hammer while walking with his wife and son in President Kennedy Boulevard.

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