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The future of Kylian Mbappe entered the scene at the beginning of this year. After a quiet start to the season , in which the player kept silent to avoid any loss, the beginning of 2024 was marked by public appearances by the Champions, contradictory news and a whirlpool of rumors They remember, in their greatest splendor, what happened in 2022.

The first to declare himself was the player , who, after achieving the Super Cup against Toulouse, on January 3, He went out to speak in the mixed zone to announce that he had “not yet made a decision”, that he had “signed an agreement with Paris Saint-Germain” in which the club was protected, without giving more details about it , and that “it would not make sense to prolong the decision as in 2022”, so everything indicates that his future , as revealed by ampkweb, Was to be disbanded before the draw against Real Sociedad, scheduled for 14 February.

A few days later, surprisingly, The Times revealed information in which it confirmed that Kylian Mbappe ignored an offer from Real Madrid, arguing that the White team would not celebrate the Times of his future. After that, Foot Mercato, exclusively, reported on an agreement between Real Madrid and the captain of the French national team, taking into account his arrival in June.

The contradictory news was mixed, with RMC Sport confirming that Mbappe’s entourage denied any kind of agreement with Real Madrid, as well as with Paris Saint-Germain, claiming that “there was no kind of negotiation about his future.” The last to enter the scene was Nasser Al-Khaila armfi , who gave various interviews this Tuesday in France in which he was confident about the future of the club’s top scorer in the club’s history.

“I want Killian to stay, that’s for sure. He is the best player in the world, and the best thing for him is Paris Saint-Germain. This is the center of the project. Killian is a great guy, a great player, but also a great person. As he said after the Champions Cup, he has an agreement with me. It remains between us, I don’t want to reveal what is in this agreement, but there is an agreement. I don’t want to talk about money or specify the value of the transaction. We have a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ , our agreement is not about money. He is between a player, club president, sports director and coach. It’s more than just a signed agreementThe Qatari said.

The content of the agreement signed by elkhaila ermfi and Mabb has not been disclosed in secret. The theories are multiple. The most logical thing is for a football player to refuse to collect loyalty bonuses corresponding to him, which are estimated at 80 million. Others speculated that it was a gentlemen’s agreement, as confirmed by the president of Paris Saint-Germain, Where there is a promise of sale with a one-year renewal. What is clear is that both parties were vague and did not disclose what they signed or what they agreed on in the summer of 2023, before returning him to the first team dynamics immediately after being neglected for refusing renewal.

Meanwhile, PSG wanted to keep their composure and did not want to take possession of Mbappe’s future. There is complete optimism in Paris, as already happened in 2022, to sign a renewal agreement that will protect the best player in the world for many years. However, neither the resourceful armfi nor any commander wants to put pressure on the player, realizing that every detail, no matter how insignificant, plays a decisive role in a television series that has not been finished for five years.

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