A vegetarian woman falls in love with a butcher and asks him out: "I hope he gives me chorizo and buttocks"

With over 200,000 views on TikTok, this An impossible love story Succeed on social networks. And is this love” does not understand advice and reasons, ” says Shakira, in this case she is a vegetarian and he is a butcher. Juliet in this novel was not for Massacre, But the day she recorded this video, she had to run an errand for her brother.

“No… I fell in love with the butcher! In this she says: “I don’t eat meat and this is my first time entering the butcher shop because my brother is coming to eat and I had to buy some melaniza or what do I know Video From TikTok released in Arrowzer@s. While he is saying this to the camera, he is walking and’ ruminating ‘ something. “I’ll give you my phone number!”, He says suddenly.

Without stopping the video even for a second, the girl returns to the institution to talk with Romeo. “I thought you were so cute. If you want, I can give you my phone number and if you want, you can talk to me and we can do something, ” she shyly suggests. “Well, give it to him, pass it to me,” he replied, also a little briefly.

Despite the tenderness of the moment, the newlyweds believe that their love is impossible. It’s “I’m going to change it now,” says Tatyana arvers. The most dangerous thing for Alfonso arvers is to agree to go to a restaurant for dinner. Hans arms, Petek to the core He comes, not knowing that karma is very treacherous. “I would rather eat only broccoli than be with Seville.”Some statements that have a significant impact on the set.

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