Abanca introduces simplified retirement plans for the self-employed

The financial institution launches its first product abanka entrepreneurs and professionals.

Abanka He is already marketing for him The first simplified labor pension plan(PPE) As an entrepreneur and professional abanka is self-employed.

Managed by Abanca vida y retirees, it can be employed in any office and can be accessed by any self-employed or self-employed in Spain who prove this requirement, regardless of the activity in which they develop their work and despite the promotion of the plan the bank relied on the Galician Federation of trade (FGM).

Freelancers will be able to Annual contribution To this car of social foresight 4250 euros To greater than the general limit of 1500 euros Established for pension plans, so that the contribution can reach a total of 5,750 euros per year as a supplement to the general pension. Abanka It indicates that the same amount can be reduced from the taxable base in the income statement (irbf).

Contributions can be made only or periodically, until you stop contributing to the long-term savings tool. Self-employed people will be able to save such savings in certain situations, such as long-term unemployment, serious illness or disability.

“This is a very advantageous solution that helps to supplement the general pension of the self-employed, a group that traditionally has low contribution rules,” he emphasizes Concepcin Prado, director of design and product development at Abanca Seguros.

The balance, movements or documentation of the simplified pension plan can be viewed either through mobile banking or electronic banking services of Abanca, as well as on the meplan electronic portal.

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