Actress Concha Velasco dies at the age of 84 , the eternal girl who made Spain fall in love

Actress Concha Velasco He died on Saturday at the age of 84 at the Puerta de Hierro hospital in Majadahonda (Madrid), As confirmed by his sons Manuel and Paco Martinez. “We regret to inform that our mother, Concha Velasco died today Saturday 2 at 02: 00 at the Puerta de Hierro hospital in Majadahonda, having received the sacraments, as a result of complications of her illness,” the family explained in a statement sent to the media.

The burning Church of the artist will be installed on Saturday at the Los Angeles Theater Latina from Madrid from 13.30 Hours. “We have only words of gratitude to the hospital staff, the staff of the residences of Santa Matilde and urbia Punta Gallia who took good care of her in these difficult times. We are lucky that we had fun The best mom in the world And to receive the affection of many Spaniards who love and admire her. Thank you all, ” she added her children, who also ask for a prayer for the eternal rest of their mother’s soul.

Concha Velasco She was and will always be the girl“. That’s how clear his professional partner is Joss Sac sacristá – Her baby-when he went to visit her in Accommodation Where I used to live in the suburbs of Madrid To congratulate you on your 83rd birthday Last November.

The actress was born in Valladolid in 1939 And with only 14 years old, she was already on the boards of the theater. At the age of 26 , in 1965, he became forever Spanish movie GirlWhen performing this song, by Antonio Gigaro camboy and Augusto alguer in the film who was the protagonist with the missing Tony LeBlanc, Stories from television. Well-known faces of cinema such as Gus Ochs, Luis L. Ochs in ochkez, Alfredo Landa, Manuel Alexander and Gracita Morales also appeared in it.

A long career in theater, cinema and television

Concha Velasco retired more than a year ago to the stages that have been her home since the age of 15, when she was just a teenager. I have missed them so much. Now they will be the ones who miss his presence. Much more than they were already doing. At the age of 82, he said goodbye to his acting career, Much to his regret, with his latest play ‘La habitace Ermen de Mar Irma’, directed by Joss Carlos Carlos Plaza.

Two years earlier, in 2020, she also invited the legendary technical and vocational education program, “Cinema de Barrio”, which she had been offering for almost a decade in order to focus on her theatrical career, playing “a nun, a prostitute and everything” and Who has received hundreds of awards, Among them: the Valley Inn Theater Award, the gold medal for merit in work in 2009, the 2009 Television Academy Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2016 National Theater Award, the 2011 actors union Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2019 Max D’onore award and the Max award in 2020 for the best musical presentation of ‘Hello Dolly!’.

“For me, Theater is my passion as well as the spectator. Going on stage allows me to refrain from how much surrounds me and give myself to the character that I am doing at that moment. I am very grateful to the viewer for his affection. I owe him a lot!”, He confessed upon receiving the last of those confessions. But if there is one job that I remembered with special affection, it is the ‘life in the future’job. With him, he premiered on one of his favorite stages: At the Teatro de La Latina in Madrid, After it was acquired by producer Jess Ermes cimaro, not only for the professional but also for the personal.

Cinema was one of his other passions., Something I really adored above all: “I love cinema more than life”, The actress said in 2013 when she received the Goya de Honor award, an award that she called the most important in her life, at the same time the audience exploded with affectionate applause addressed to one of the greatest awards in Spanish cinema. An actress who left the history of such cinema successes as ‘Red Cross Girls’ (1958), ‘cheating’ (1959), ‘Valentine’s Day’ (1959), ‘verbena dove’ (1963), ‘agony’ (1974), ‘beam… Pam… Boom… Fire!'(1975), ‘the magic hour’ (1985), ‘Beyond the garden‘(1996),’ Paris-Timbuktu ‘ (1999)…

We can also see it in The small screen as an actress in a series such as Teresa de Jesus oshims, Cherries from the cemetery or heirs on technical and vocational education, personal reasons on Telecinco or Me, a woman, companions, under suspicion or velvet on Antena 3The latest: Las Chicas del Cable, the first Netflix Original Series in Spain, and as host of several festivals and TV shows. He was one of the most successful in this house, in Atresmedia, with Remember ‘Surprise, surprise’, At Antena 3, which she hosted during 1999.

His private life

Regarding her private life, Concha Velasco was married to theater producer Paco Mars-with whom she separated in 2005, she has two children: Paco Mars- (as a result of her marriage) and Manuel VelascoHe never revealed his biological father. Her son Manuel has been the spokesperson and responsible for reporting on the latest releases of the artist’s health status over the past few years. Representativessee also Manuela Velasco She was the niece of the actress, with whom she had a love affair.

Concha Velasco will continue to dance wherever she is, certainly on the boards of the stage. For a long time, ‘Ye girl’.

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