Actress Melissa Barrera of ‘Scream VII’ was released after Israel was accused of “genocide and ethnic cleansing”

Mexican actress Melissa Barrera He was fired from the cast of the filmThe Seventh ScreamBecause of his social media posts in which he accuses Israel of committing “Genocide and ethnic cleansing” in the Gaza Strip.

The film’s production company, Spyglass, issued a statement conveying its “unequivocally clear” position on the matter: “We have zero tolerance for anti-Semitism or hate speech. in any form, including false references to genocide, ethnic cleansing, Holocaust distortion or anything that blatantly crosses the line of hate speech.”

The actress posted a story on her Instagram account in which she claimed that Gaza is “treated like a concentration camp.” “People didn’t learn anything from our stories. And just like our stories, people still silently watch everything that happens,” the actress lamented.

Barrera starred in the previous part of the saga “Scream VI,” which grossed $168.9 million worldwide. The director of the film, Christopher Landon, posted a message on his account X (Twitter) that he later deleted in which he regretted that “It’s all.He claimed it wasn’t his decision.

This news comes on the same day that the agency representing the actress was known Susan Sarandon He distanced himself from his representation because of his pro-Palestinian comments. The actress also attended a pro-Palestinian rally in New York on November 17.

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