Adil sees “nothing relevant” in the Atocha deviations , but restricts the movement of trains on track 5

Adiv concluded after a series of tests that Recent deviations Of the passenger trains between Atocha and Recoletos stations in Madrid are not due to “anything relevant”, although they have been proactively restricted Train traffic From the 450 series, known as ships, by 5.

The operator confirmed that Investigation of deviations On November 26, December 5 and December 8 at the entrance to the Atocha Station of the Recoletos tunnel “still continues”.

And although no additional risks have been detected, Adiv has developed that It will increase consistency Maintenance and creation of a permanent brigade of these assets.

“The track layout design has been revised and it is Absolutely true. The checks carried out as part of the maintenance are also sufficient, “explains the Adif report, which shows that the tests were not carried out with damaged trains, and therefore the conditions of the mobile material for the tests” cannot Exact reproduction What happened in accidents.”

Broken needle

The first of the deviations, the final reasons for which They are still under investigation, Was caused by a broken needle on one of the crossings, 10, according to the operator’s report shared by the minister of transport, Oscar Puente, On the social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

As a result of this break, part of the crossing was “blocked” in anticipation of a new needle, which had to be made “custom”.

The indicated restriction indicates that a part of the turns that usually did not do this entered Track 5 of the Atocha Station by detour 24. Adel highlights that the 450 series trains, known as ships, They don’t usually go through the point.

On December 5, there was the first deviation from these ships in the aforementioned detour without being there “A clear reason for himself“. Finally, the report says, it was in the early morning of December 8 when a deviation “very similar” to that of December 5 occurred, depending on the type of train and other simultaneous factors.

Successful travel tests

In the face of events, Renvi and Adiv They scheduled a track test on December 8 consisting of a series of passes of two types of trains at different speeds in the section where the ermas circus derailed.

It was made Up to seven Tests, Four of them with the 450 series and three other sevias and in none there were problems on the road. The report says that strange sounds, instability or “other warning signs” were not perceived in the tests.

As a preventive measure, a temporary speed limit of 10 kilometers per hour was set at the crossing of 10 A. In addition, Adif ensures that all audit measures provided for in the maintenance system are applied, such as Visual inspection, Ultrasound and engineering auscultation.

Among other short-term measures, as soon as the transit 10A is repaired, it will be left at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour and No restrictions by design. Restrictions will also be put in place as a precaution for the 450 series trains of Track 5 circulation.

“It would be a conservative measure, to the extent that there is an open investigation without an apparently clear conclusion, in order to generate security in the system, although the tests have given satisfactory results,”the report adds. Bypass 24 will also be connected to the direct route, preventing Passage of trades Towards Track 5 of the 10A crossing. Adel says that the above will “completely” mitigate the risks of human error that may be necessary when Limit the type of train To generalize.

Finally, renf recommends that the ships that will circulate in the region comply in all their parameters with those that were traded in The latest tests conducted.

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