Ajax Winter Sale: Rolly asks to leave

Since the arrival of John Van ‘ t Schip on the bench, the face of Ajax has changed. They went from being a kolista to European posts in just one month. However, the, The club understands that they need to strengthen if they want to reach the third place, The last one gives access to the Champions League (vital for minor league clubs due to the economic injection). To get in, you have to get out first. Not so much for space, that too , but To ease the salary burden of an expensive workforce that does not perform up to.

The last thing known is that Rollie wants to leave and Information from Voitball international Is that the club will make it easier for him. Now, the Argentine is injured (he injured his shoulder in the first league match) and Ramage, the third goalkeeper of the team, plays at a great level. The goalkeeper is no longer needed in Amsterdam, and his contract, which lasts until 2026, is a problem for Ajax.

Also on sale is bergwin. He is a leader and a starter , but his performance is not that it is far from expected, it is very far. Another huge necklace that would be a pleasure to get rid of. And Gaston Avila, Chimi’s brother. The center-back or left-back who has no place in the eleven. He did not leave good feelings at the times when he had opportunities.

The situation of the two strikers signed this summer is a bit more complicated, because the starting 9 is indisputable for Proby and both are disappointed with their season. Shuba Akpom finds her place in the last few weeks. The Englishman has scored nine goals in the last ten matches, But on Wednesday rumors appeared that Lil wants him. The most likely is that mikutadze will leave, about whom little is known about the player who scored 24 goals last season in Metz. Now his former team wants him back and a loan is also being considered.

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