All prizes of the Christmas lottery 2023

From Christmas lottery We always start talking in the summer. Campaign Lotteries and state bets To start selling decimos is always associated with the holidays, which encourages regulars to draw that unites Spaniards to get their shares at the points where they spend the summer with their friends or family. Although it is not until winter is approaching that people really start Watch the Christmas lottery is coming, Especially with the broadcast of the raffle announcement, a classic among all the classics before the Christmas lottery.

For several years now, the Christmas lottery prizes They have a ‘stasis’, keeping fat always at 400,000 euros per tenth, regardless of Fierce inflation. Last July, the president of celay, Jess Ermes Huerta, presented this year’s campaign, following a tradition “based on the work of the entire lottery family” since 1812, and although he does not expect changes in the prizes, it brings a small novelty: In 2023, 185 series went on sale, That is, five more series than in 2022, which makes A larger amount is distributed in prizes Than at other times.

This change follows the one already approved in 2022, when 180 series went on sale, instead of the 172 that were offered the previous year. Thus, if 2,520 million euros were put at stake in last year’s Christmas draw, this year this figure could reach 2,590 million, which would be 70% of the total collection.

When to give each Christmas lottery prize

As every year, the Christmas lottery distributes a total of Five Grand Prix races, Ranging from El Gordo (4 million Series) to Los Quintos (60.000 euro series), of which eight are distributed. Among them are a second prize (1.25 million per series), a third prize (500,000 euros per series) and two fourth prizes distributing 200,000 euros each. Every tenth is taken , as the name on the ballot indicates very well, Ten prizes for each series. Of course, this amount will have to be subtracted from what the Treasury takes, because all lottery prizes in Silay (and other organizations) are subject to a special tax.

Once the prizes are announced , we will add the numbers that each one corresponds to:

To the big five prizes are added pedrea, a list of about 1800 numbers takes 100 euros for every tenth-the famous numbers of ” a thousand euros!”—. But in addition to all the winning combinations, and they are not so few, we should add the prizes distributed by the Christmas lottery, albeit in smaller quantities, to Tenths are fairly close to the Grand Prix.

Thus, the numbers that precede the first, second and third prizes and immediately after them, for example, take a not insignificant amount (2000 Euros are approximate for fat prizes ; 1250, those for the second prizes; and 960 euros, those for the third prizes, all this for the tenth), while the remaining numbers from the hundreds of the first, second, third and fourth fat combination 100 euros, The same amount of tenths that in some finishes coincide with other awards.

What if they play two different prizes?

In the event that you receive more than one award with the same tenth, you will be a very lucky person. The fact is that although the The numbers that are drawn from the drums during the Christmas lottery draw, Which takes place every year on December 22, and they come out only once, it is possible that several awards will be combined in the same collection. Precisely because of the existence of approximations.

More about the Christmas lottery

Example: imagine that your number is sung by one of the boys and girls in San Ildefonso like pedrea, that is, he gets 100 euros, but when the fat hour arrives, it turns out to be within a hundredth of the given number. In this case, there will be for The addition of two awards: 100 euros from pedrea plus 100 that means being in a hundred gordos, so with one tenth you can get up to 200 euros. Or much more than that. In the case of combining prizes, the maximum that the tenth can win is 2, 100 euros: 100 euros from pedrea plus another 2, 000 euros for being the number before or after the first prize.

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