Another drop for Ancelotti: Modric will not be against Napoli

With One more low, Real Madrid faces a return to European competition. One point is enough for him to be the first in the group, and the main goal is to play the second leg at the Santiago Bernabeu ERMO Stadium. Carlo Ancelotti meets with his past in a match where he will be measured against Napoli by the absence of another: Luka Modric.

Another drop for Ancelotti: Modric will not be against Napoli

The Croatian was tested and nothing serious was appreciated. It is a strong overload. In front of the parthenopio team he will not be able to be so as not to take risks and will leave day after day. If his recovery is good and fast, he will be able to face Granada; if not, against Betis.

Another drop for Ancelotti: Modric will not be against Napoli

This new loss is in addition to the seven that the White team has already counted: Courtois, Kepa, Militao, kamavenga, chuameni, Vinicius and Arda G. ermler. The person closest to returning is the ondaroa goalkeeper That is, if everything goes on, he may be available to face Granada on Saturday (18:30). While kamavinga, chuamino, Vinicius and Arda are not expected until 2024. Courtois and militau remain long-term victims.

Real Madrid players are training before facing Napoli.


<span class="mm__cap__txt">Real Madrid players are training before facing Napoli.</p> <p></span><span class="mm__au">Pepe Andres</span>

For this reason, and as he had already done in the previous session of the trip to Cadiz, Ancelotti pulled the quarry: The goalkeepers Fran Jones ermeliz, Hugo Mantek Ermen, who were already present three days ago, repeated at the session that Lucas caffermezaris joined. They also trained with seniors Theo Zidane, Raquel Asensio, Mario Martin Eren and Peter, who joined Nico Paz and Gonzalo, The other two players who temporarily stayed in the first team due to this epidemic of injuries, who also had minutes against the Cadiz team.

Another drop for Ancelotti: Modric will not be against Napoli

Ibrahim Irmaz also worked quite normally after his sudden departure from the starting XI last Sunday due to an intestinal problem. Due to the losses, the Malaga player will probably have minutes against Napoli. In this way, he will occupy the right flank of the White attack, while Rodrigo, the author of a duet and an assistant in the new Mirandela, will repeat on the left flank, with Bellingham leaning in this position to the left in midfield, but with complete freedom to move around the entire front of the attack. Another person who will be able to count on the minutes is Dani Ceballos, Who returned to the field of play in sitchems and that seeing the absence, can play diagonally to the right, where Kroos and Valverde play in a double axis in midfield.

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