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The guys of Arbeloa clicked. It was not easy to readjust after coming from a historic season, with only one defeat (from A to Z in youth), with three titles (Cup, Champions Cup and League), All Sponsored by Gil, and the fifth Nico Paz who now excels in Castilla and even higher. The native of Tenerife, Gonzalo, Manuel ermengel or Palacios flew out (although they will continue to go down to the youth with the exception of Nico who will not be available because he played three matches in the Champions League) and The beginning for those of Arbeloa was a storm. At last , because after the moors they raised the flight.

The Union of Berlin and Real Madrid, in the final duel of the youth group stage.


<span class="mm__cap__txt">The Union of Berlin and Real Madrid, in the final duel of the youth group stage.</span><span class="mm__au">Jesus Alvarez Orihuela</span><span class="mm__src">Diary</span>

In the first 15 matches, the first white guy drew four meetings and lost three (Rayo Vallecano, Adarve and Valladolid), with the defeat to busselans as the key to a restart. Painful 3-1, which ended with Iker Bravo in the shower early for the double yellow. Red, the second of the course, which made him “frustrated”, in tears and a message to himself and Arbeloa:”I will not fail anymore”. The commitment between the scorer and Arbeloa is maximal, bidirectional and a part of the individual and collective emission is preserved in it. In the next six matches, six wins with as many goals as 9, Doubled to Union to seal a pass to eighth in the youth listed.

Twice as much gunpowder

And if Iker is the appearance, Hugo de Janos I have been constant. The goal. An all-round midfielder, at the age of 18, he developed the Bellingham style. The Madrid native played in his initial career as a pivot, inside, right winger, left winger and even False nine. In 21 matches, 15 goals and seven assists. Pichichi of the team, participates in a goal every 77 minutes, He accepted Iker’s nine goals thanks to the tremendous reach and appearance ability. Inside on paper, Arbeloa made it closer to the zone due to the lack of Fang at the beginning of the course and the result was a The Big Bang. Thanks to the growth of Iker, the permanent presence of Hugo or the increasingly regular establishment of Jaime Barroso (16) who has just signed his first professional contract with the White club and who has a goal tattooed on his shoe, Madrid went from scoring 2.1 goals in that hesitant start to four per game from the current line.

And more iron defense

And if the gunpowder multiplied by two, then the size of the lock in the area also doubled. Defensively they strengthened. Arbeloa barely conceded three goals in these six matches, 0.5 per duel versus 1.1 for the top 15. A change based on the great work under the sticks of Oshelvaro goons ochlese (with Fran goons ochlese more focused on J advanced, at 16, to Quetzal ochlese in Arbeloa’s order of preference) And in the settlement of Juan Martinez – one of the great pearls of the factory–, Diego Aguado or Jesus Fortia More of a winger than a right – back. Four guys from 2007 , along with Christian David and Chima Andress (The supply functions are distributed in the marrow) and Yossi, they are the white frame at the back. A Yossi, who collects one goal and nine assists this season, And also compiles the specialized account Fabricamadrid, In which he became one of the characters of the White team and in The next big left-back project of The factory After Fran, your neighbor Irma, Miguel Gotti ochrez and Obrador.

They exited the Copa del Rey from the category after the defeat in Valladolid (they were seventh, first four and the best fifth qualified) and qualified thanks to this enemy. Now they are in fourth place, with Atleti, the leader, not far behind (six points), On January 7, Seville is waiting for the sixteenth round of the KO tournament and in the youth, with the invaluable help of Manuel ochengel, Palacios, Gonzalo or Manu Serrano (central Madrid C), they are one of the candidates for playing Metal. The Arbeloa youth straightened the course in time.

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