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It took blood, sweat and tears for Argentina to sign its third Star World Champion. The bicyclist added her third crown to those achieved in 1978 and 1986. From Kemps-Menotti, through Maradona-Valdano-Bilardo to Messe Di Maria-Scaloni. After many years of shipwrecks and disappointments, Messi was able to devote himself to the World Cup that puts him at the peak of the greatest, if not a step above.

She was starring Messi, From critics of Say Maria, From the opportunistic goals of Julie ocean ochelvarez, From the character of Enzo Fern ermendez And Mac Allister, From the direction of Scaloni And two unexpected heroes: Montiel And the Depo Martinez.

Messi amplifies his legend with sublime World Cup, In which he led, with goals and an aura of D-10, To the team that got 10 appearances with the conviction that the time has come to make history. He won the final against the Great France (3-3), fatefully decided in a penalty shootout, putting the perfect ice on a different, but beautiful, exciting and without the established World Cup script. The best ever World Cup final honored the best Argentina ever. The most faithful to his style. It wasn’t easy. There was a coup, he kissed the painting several times, but he was always afloat with the captain of the boat, Messi, who was touched by the gods. What heroes have, even luck smiles at them when they need it most. The World Cup honored the team that wanted it the most. And that was Argentina.

The best ever World Cup final honors the best Argentina ever

The beselists went from less to more in the championship. Ghosts of the past appeared in the debut against Saudi Arabia (1-2). A sudden defeat, as necessary, to wake up a group that has gone 36 matches without a loss. A complete irony that seemed to dynamite Argentina’s chances of winning the World Cup. Nothing could be further from reality. The beselist rowed against the current and at each meeting a new name appeared who wanted to join this feat. The second match, against Mexico, was a before and after. Stress chews at every action. Argentina was playing on a knife edge And Messi, with his first saving goal, gave peace of mind to a team that seemed capable of achieving the greatest, but was afraid to fall off the cliff again. From not doing the job of giving Messi the long-awaited World Cup.

Heroes. Stars were appearing throughout the Odyssey: Enzo Fern ermendez, Mac Allister. Julie ocean ochelvarez… Everyone was floating the lamp to fulfill one wish: to be world champions. Losing the 2014 final was a thing of the past. Australia’s trap trap was saved in the knockout stages; The tragicomedy with Holland came close after almost a miracle Orange With Wieghorst, the protagonist during and after the accident. Argentina felt unstoppable after defeating the Dutch on penalties.

In the semifinals, he bypassed Croatia as the future champions do. And in the final match, he shook France until Mbappe took out his magic. Argentina could not win the quiet World Cup. Messi had to play Glory… With uncertainty, but in a big way.

The most memorable final of the World Cup saw the emergence of the character of Debo Martinez. His stop for Frenchman Colo Moani will go down in the living history of the world championship. His leg avoided falling in the most cruel way and at the last moments.

It was the World Cup that knocked out the goalkeeper’s matches in the penalty shootout, which gave a lot to talk about, which upset the French shooters. Choameni and Coman failed. Russian Roulette that amplifies Gonzalo Montiel. The Sevilla defender was the owner of the shot that made Argentina the champion. The goal that saved him a place in the heavens. He represented Daniel Bertone with his goal at the memorial in 1978 or he represented Jorge boruchaga with his third goal in the 1986 final against the almighty Federal Germany.

The World Cup crowned the team that wanted it the most. And that was Argentina

Scaloni and his trident. And in the back room of all these things was the artistic blackboard of Lionel Scaloni. The Argentine, almost still in his country Erasmus On the sidelines, he created an ecosystem in which the best version of Messi appeared. And he did it without boasting, without attracting attention and with the mind that was the secret of his great victory. The perfect combination of extraneous toys: pure talent and a hint of mischief Kanshira How Argentines cope well. Scaloni, along with the famous trident of assistants: former players Roberto Ayala, Walter Samuel and Pablo Aimar, signed his name at the highest level in the history of the bicyclist.

Unexpected stars appeared: Enzo, Julie Eren, Debo Martinez, Montiel…

An angry Argentina signed the saga in Qatar and extended it to its huge celebration. Celebrations on the streets of Buenos Aires left photos for memory. Argentina and the Argentines are unique both in defeat and in the sweetest victory. Next to the open bus in the beseliste towards the obelisk, a cheerful mass boiling appeared, who took to the street to honor a victory they dreamed of, but did not believe. The tragedy was touched.

All this cocktail of successes and adventures contributes to the fact that the Argentine national team She deserves the America’s Sports Award 2023.

26 world champions

Emiliano ‘Depo’ Martinez
Franco Armani
Geronimo Rulli
John Voith
Nico tagliavico
Gonzalo Montiel
Jerem ocean Pizzella
Christian Romero
Nahuel Molina
Nicole ercis Otamendi
Lisandro Martinez
Marcos ako Irma
Leandro Paredes
Rodrigo de Paul
Exequiel Palacios
Tiago Almada
Alejandro ‘Papo’ Gomez
Guido ruder ochgese
Alexis McAllister
Enzo Fern ermendez
Julie ocean ochelvarez
Lionel Messi
Ermengel de Mar Irma
Auchengil Korea
Paulo Dybala
Lautaro Martinez

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