Assistance to the deceased was in Granada before the end of the match

About seven minutes passed between the time when the situation began to try to attract the attention of the referee to stop the match and Arias Ortiz stopped Granada-athletic. A few minutes of intense tension in which even a fan jumped over the fence to put himself right behind the linesman and be able to explain what was happening. Because there was a first break in which the team approached the bench area to talk to the delegate and the fourth referee. However, the game continued Since from the grass there was no occurrence beyond a lot of nervousness in the preference zone. In a second attempt and again with Unai SIM ocean, they warned that something dangerous was happening, but it was stopped in the game and the toilets of both seats went to the other side to help.

However, during all that time, ANTONIO TRUJILLO was already being treated by Dr. Rivas, Who was in the area with his team for other incidents. “The health apparatus was already working in the inner ring with our health director, who is the head of Health Services at 061. We have had two complications, even the joint is still acceptable. “All medical and hygienic procedures have been carried out in the interior, you can’t see it from the field,”explained Alfredo Jarque Irma Amado, general manager of Granada, in secret. Follow the victorious leader: “We have to distinguish. It seems that even the arrival of toilets from the pier does not bring these people, And it is not so because the medical services of the first teams are not the same as those in the stands”. Moreover, it is not his job, as the club explained to the press in a statement: The health services responsible for the care in the stands are the emergency services, organized for this purpose and not the sports medical services of the first team.

By Chance, the emergency medical device was available to the fans in the area because the season ticket holder was hit in the head and, in fact, had to be taken to the hospital. “When he settles down, they inform him of the other incident, he leaves her with part of his group and goes to attend Antonio. “He had an illness that happened and it was impossible to revive him,”says neighbor Irma Amado. In fact, the general manager confirmed that he died in the stands: “He died on the court. They were trying to revive him for more than 45 minutes and there was no way to restore him. This is done in the tunnel, you can’t see it from the stands. He added: “It was a tragedy, a very difficult day .

Alejandro Garc Irma del Real is a fan who jumped on the grass to alert schoolchildren to stop the game and confirmed on Granada Digital what Garc Irma Amado explained, Antonio had already attended to: “We saw that he didn’t stop the match, he stopped it and resumed it. There was one with the ambulance also saying to stop the game. It was by instinct, to jump up and tell him to stop the game that this person is leaving.”Although the line judge did not quite understand what Alejandro was saying: “The linesman looked at me as if saying ‘What am I doing’. Man, you can stop the game. But then one of the Prosegur came and told me to come back that they were going to throw me.”

Without recourse despite the initial idea

Finally, Granada decided not to appeal the judge’s decision to play the match today, just over 24 hours after what happened. “I think we won’t play tomorrow. But before the judge’s decision and the league’s information, the athlete stayed to sleep… We understand the timing issues so that it doesn’t lead to anything. We don’t want to change the competition. We have understood this by humanity more than anything else, Football today is the least of them , she is a season ticket holder who has been with us for 16 years and we understand that she is not the best. The decision of the commission we understand the advice that we adhere to sports Justice.”

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