Barcelona-Girona live: Liga e sports today, live

Girona break up Barcelona

Amazing first half full of rhythm, chances and goals. Girona leaves with an advantage At halftime after a demonstration practice that it is no coincidence where he is, Irma dismantled the bar.

After a tremendous start with the exchange of blows, from one area to another, Girona took the lead with a goal by dovbek, He pushed her after a pass from the right by Tsygankov.

Bar Irma was trying to get into the match and The equalizer came with a header goal from Lewandowski After the corner of Ravinia.

Finally, Miguel Gotti ochrez scored Girona’s second Having missed two clear-cut chances inside the area before. With a tip Irma beat me.

Bar Irma managed to score his second goal But he repeatedly encounters gazaniga, who covers up almost everything.

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