“Bellingham and Haaland were close to Juventus”

Matteo Tognozzi has just started his career as Granada’s sporting director after a long stint at Juventus. As the Bianconeri’s chief scout for the past six and a half years, He analyzed dozens of talents, among which there are world football giants such as Bellingham and Haaland. The CEO talked about his experience in the Italian newspaper Tuttosport, starting with his new Spanish challenge: “Starting in October is extraordinary, but the proposal fascinated me and I wanted to start. I have to thank Juventus, who gave me the opportunity to sign during the season.. I knew the club and its potential: I received many offers, but that was the most interesting. I’m having exciting days.”

Juventus: “A stage has come to an end, I was looking for new catalysts. There was a great relationship with director Giontoli right away, but I achieved my goals and now I’m looking for new goals.”

Hoisen and Cayo Jorge: “Found in a blizzard for the defender, fate took me straight to Granada, for a match against Malaga U-16. For the striker, in the summer of 2021, I had to stay in Brazil for a week and, because of covid, when I returned, I had to quarantine. I spent half of August locked in a room at the J Hotel.”

Vlahovic: “It’s the signature I’m most proud of. She worked for a long time to build a relationship with him and his agents. There were a lot of trips, when suddenly there was an opportunity in the winter, we were ready.

Drunk: “I saw him in the Vélez Boca under-12 team, he was 11 years old and we started building a relationship thanks to her, when the time came, Juventus wanted him despite the fact that there are 10-12 big clubs looking for him.”

Kinan Yildiz: “We snatched him for free from Bayern in the days when their sporting director Salihamidzic was in Turin for De Ligt. There were rumours that the Turk was about to sign with Barcelona and he told us the news… “We were afraid that the operation would hurt the sale of cannons for 80 million.”

Bellingham: “It was close in 2019. In a few days I will see him at the Bernabéu and he will make me think when I met him and his extraordinary family: it is an important memory. He decided to continue growing in Birmingham.”

Haaland: “He was only one step away. In November 2017, we were almost done, but at that time he was going to play for the Primavera team and was considered a very expensive process for the academy. The Norwegian had not yet started in Molde but a few weeks later he started playing and scoring goals …

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