Benzema does not raise his head –

Alarms are going off in the Union. To the early elimination at the Club World Cup, a new stumble was added against Raed, the penultimate seed. The defeat calls into question the project of Marcelo Gallardo , whom Benzema sat with 1-2 against He watched Al Hilal, the leader of the competition, distance himself to 22 points. The crisis has exploded, and even more so, in three days they receive Cristiano.

The union always went against the grain. In the 12th minute, they were left with 10 with the expulsion of the top two and in the 22nd minute, they were already late on the scoreboard. Al-Barkawi, the visiting champion with a double, put the major in front. The tragedy was chewing.

However, the, The federation found refuge in the relationship between Coronado and Romarinho to get into the match. The Brazilian signed the equalizer two minutes later and Benzema took the second place in the next step. Everything was a mirage. The Frenchman, missing throughout the match, was never at ease, did not find gaps and never called his teammates.

Benzema does not raise his head

The arrival of the second half seemed like a relief to those who were forced to improve their image. But nothing could be further from reality. The leading was getting more and more dangerous and the local resistance lasted until the 70th minute, when berkawi again finished off a great start from Tavares.


In desperation, the union turned to a draw. To achieve this, Gallardo understood that the best thing is Benzema’s bench, his big star. The change will lead to talk in Arabia. The reaction came to nothing. VAR turned his back to Al Ittihad on a possible penalty kick for Kamara and Al Dossary achieved the third with a shot that touched canté. Two strikes in eight days.

And with the defeat, the Union, a team that was forced to fight for the Championship, took the sixth place, far from the top and nine away from the Champions League positions. Gallardo has a job.

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