Brussels estimates the cost of making Catalan, Basque and Galician official in the EU at 132 million per year

The European Commission Figure the annual cost of Add the use of Catalan, Basque and Galician To the regulation recognizing the official languages of the European Union in some 132 million, According to Brussels ‘”preliminary estimate”, based on experience with other languages.

“According to this preliminary estimate, The cost is about 44 million euros per year and the language, So in total it will be about 132 million euros for the three languages , ” the EU budget spokesman told Europa Press, Balazs ugvari.

The communal executive carried out the following “Preliminary assessment”But it will not be able to complete a “full financial analysis”, the speaker warns, until the council takes an official position on Spain’s request and the government details the “transitional regime” that it proposes to publish first Catalan and then the other two official languages.

This report is part of the information that the government will provide to the rest of the EU partners to defend the formality of the three languages in a new discussion point included in the agenda of the Council of Ministers of general affairs of the European Union next Tuesday.

It is the last council in which Spain, as the current outgoing president, will be able to set the agenda Before Belgium took over in January.

The issue was listed as a “decision” point on the agenda of ministers, which is He caused a “surprise” in many delegationsAccording to a number of senior diplomats, who insist that they do not have the necessary information to think about the essence of the issue, not only regarding its financial impact – which Spain has said it will bear in full – but its legal and practical consequences for the rest of the regions.

At the end of last October, the minister of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and cooperation, Joseph Manuel albaresHe has already warned that it will take at least “two or three months” to carry out the impact assessments required by the rest of the member states. The European Commission, for its part, expressed its readiness to “coordinate” the studies with the rest of the institutions of society, since the impact of the transition from 24 to 27 official languages should also be estimated.

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