Cannavaro: “being a defender in Madrid is not easy , you have to cover a lot of space”

Fabio Cannavaro (Napoleon Ochs, 1973) began his career at Napoli and played three seasons (1992-95), and also played at Real Madrid three more seasons (2006-09). Today will be a very special day for him, maybe they will be two teams in his life. He will be at the Bernabeu commenting on the Prime match. This is the first time he has stepped on the renovated stadium. He told us about his opinion on the match, his feelings and his recent investment, emotional wherever he was, he bought the Paradiso de sucafo Training Center, where he trained, where Maradona did. Abandoned and forgotten, he will make an appearance and create an academy that will endure the same.

– Why did you decide and bought the Paradiso Di soccavo Training Center, a legendary place in Naples where I grew up?

– He was training with Napoli there. It’s a magical place. A lot of people have trained, it’s where I grew up, but in the end Maradona trained. To see it closed like this, where no one could enter, to think about the madness that happened inside, made my heart cry. So I decided to buy it. I know it’s not easy, it’s just one field, not so much. Let’s see what we can do to make him live again

– Who was his land?

– It was from a bank and I bought it.

– At home, how did they take it when I told them about the investment that they were going to make?

– Everyone is happy because it is a structure that can give us a lot because it is in the heart of many Neapolitan people. In the end, it’s a place that many people want.

Fabio Cannavaro visits the Paradiso Training Center where he plans to create a football school.


<span class="mm__cap__txt">Fabio Cannavaro visits the Paradiso Training Center where he plans to create a football school.</span><span class="mm__au">Ivan Romano</span><span class="mm__src">Diary</span>

– Will Naples or the city council lend you a hand?

– I don’t know yet. I bought it now, let’s see, but the idea is to try not to ask for help. I know it’s not easy, but little by little I’ll fix it and see what can be done. I want to do an Academy. I’m not saying that Maradona will come out, but Cannavaro will definitely come out.

– Will that academy be run by the Cannavaro brothers?

– I will direct it myself, I will ask for help from my brother and friends, but this is something I want to do myself.

– Does this mean that you leave the seats aside a little?

– No. I hope you take an interest in me. But if no team gave me the opportunity, I bought a playground to sit on a bench. I know it’s not easy, people think that the experience of China is nothing, but it was 10 years of training. My idea is to keep training, my idea of football allowed me to win my league in three years, I trained players like Paulinho, Witsel, Pato, people who played in Europe. The idea , of course, is training.

– You will not be short of offers. I thought that maybe with Rudy sacking your neighbor Irma I was the one who would take the seat…

– Hahaha. You love me so well.

– And today you will be at the Bernabeu…

– I’m here to work with the prime minister. And I’m coming because it’s Madrid-Naples. They are two teams that I hold in my heart and they have given me a lot and when I can come back to Madrid. But this is the first time I have been inside the stadium, and this is very important for me. The feeling of entering the Bernabeu is from another level. I have played a friendly match there since I left, but since I started the business, this was the first time I went. I was told that I would hallucinate. It’s amazing. I will take my children with me and I will take them to see the museum.

“The feeling of entering the Bernabeu is from another level. They told me that I would hallucinate.”

<cite class="ext-qu__au-name">Fabio Cannavaro</cite>

– What do you expect from the match?

– My heart is divided, but Madrid can give us a review of Naples (smile).

“Madrid can give a review to Napoli”

<cite class="ext-qu__au-name">Fabio Cannavaro</cite>

– But Madrid has a lot of injured people.

– I know, but it’s a very complicated match for both of us and Madrid is already qualified. Certainly Napoli are playing well, they have a good team, the coach has changed, they are a team again, but I understand that leaving the Bernabeu with points is not easy.

– Recent results have stopped criticizing Mazari for considering him an outdated and outdated coach.

– But he is a coach with experience, he knows how to manage the dressing room, he knows how to talk to the players, and he is still a strong team. Everyone can train him because he is a team that plays well.

– Do you think Napoli is up to last year’s level? He won the Scudetto and was the revelation in the Champions League.

– Napoli is a team that can upset many because the way they play and control the game is good. He has people who kill you, he knows how to defend well, he lost the Korean, but he continues to work in an excellent manner. It’s not easy to play against them.

Fabio Cannavaro bought the land from a bank. This is where Maradona used to train when he was playing for Napoli.


<span class="mm__cap__txt">Fabio Cannavaro bought the land from a bank. This is where Maradona used to train when he was playing for Napoli.</span><span class="mm__au">Ivan Romano</span><span class="mm__src">Diary</span>

– He also got two handsome ones back.

– It’s a machine. It will not be easy for the defenders of Madrid. It’s going to be a tough match.

– As a central defender who played for Madrid, How do you see the defenders of Madrid?

– There you suffer the most… I love them all because they are fast people who know how to suffer. He has injuries, but Madrid as a whole is a great team.

– Do you understand the decline that Alaba has had?

– It can happen, you know that I also suffered for several months there, and then I had the strength to get up and continue. But this can happen when you get to Madrid because it’s not easy for a defender. You have to cover a lot of space. If there is no good pressure from the midfielders, and if there is no good pressure from the attackers, then the quick recovery of the ball can affect the defenders. Defenders are often hand in hand with attackers. He has the character to come again.

– R. Digger, who is getting more and more, and Militao, are injured now, do you think they are central players for years for Madrid?

– It’s not easy to play in Madrid, when you do it for two or three years in a row, it’s a lot. That’s why if we think about Pepe or Ramos, who won everything and played for ten years, it’s because they are from another level.

“Bellingham came into the locker room banging on the table and said,” I’m here.”

<cite class="ext-qu__au-name">Fabio Cannavaro</cite>

– What does Bellingham say to you?

– He is the fittest player in the world. He is the player who has integrated better and faster into the team. He was great. It was amazing for me. That guy came into the locker room and banged on the table saying I’m here, I’m in charge here. It impresses.

– Then I’ll see you at the Bernabeu.

– Of course, I feel really excited.

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