Check out the result of the salary of eleven today, Sunday, December 24, 2023

After drawing from One-time salary As of Saturday, this Sunday, December 24, 2023, the second edition of the weekend is being held at 21: 25h. The game distributes 20,000 euros to the winning number , and for the person who also gets the series correctly, 300,000 euros plus a salary of 60,000 euros per year for the next 20 years.

The One-time salary From Sunday, December 24 I was awarded the number 05720 With 20,000 euros for a ticket. The series of this figure that gives 300,000 euros and a salary of 5,000 euros per month for two decades is 015.

Four more sets of issue and serial grant Salaries of 2000 euros per month for 10 years. The totals for these second Awards are as follows:

  • Issue: 22285 Series: 040
  • Issue: 48299 Series: 004
  • Issue: 53549 Series: 053
  • Issue: 72795 Series: 039

How much does a salary cost once?

A one-time salary is one A variant of the daily coupon of a one-time It is named after the awards it gives out. Some of them can be considered practically ‘salaries’, because they reward a successful player with a regular income of money that can stretch for two decades. The betting price is from 2 euros, For which the voucher is purchased with the selected group.

When is the game played and what prizes are distributed with a salary once?

Played salary Every Saturday and Sunday at 21: 25, Along with the trio and once tied the weekend. His highest award is 300,000 euros plus 5,000 euros per month for 20 years If the number and string are integer. It also gives Four prizes worth 2000 euros per month for 10 years To four more combinations of number and series.


* Warning: not responsible in case of errors or omissions. The only valid official lists of the results of the various draws are those published by the National Organization of the Spanish blind (Once Upon a time), lotteries and state bets (Silay).

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