Conde Ar and Ira ergo, pictured at the defence bullshit

Bar Irma does not learn. He’s not reacting. And it won’t be because the alarms haven’t been going off for a long time. Xavi Hearn ermendez has spent many matches lamenting the fragility of his team in defense and the individual mistakes that have condemned the bar Irma team on more than one occasion this season. But the players don’t seem to take it for granted. Because far from getting better, or at least trying, the nonsense is growing.

What happened yesterday in the Spanish Super Cup final left the bar-Irma defense embarrassed for the thousandth time this season. The team behind has a problem, and a big one. The back protector is as soft as butter outside the refrigerator. Against Real Madrid, two of the best defenders of FC Barcelona were especially photographed. We are referring to Conde Ar and Ara ergo, Who are completely unknown, very far from their level and what is needed in a team with bar-Irma goals. His night was terrible.

As in previous duels against Madrid, Xavi chose to place Ara ergo on the right flank to stop Vinicius ‘ incursions and put Conde-in the center, theoretically the position in which he feels most comfortable. But everything went up in the air right at the beginning of the match with my Brazilian goal, which did not occupy the right flank but moved through the center without Xavi correcting anything.

The Frenchman was filmed in the first goal breaking the offside and allowing himself to win the back with excessive ease. Far from getting better, he was slow, soft and nervous for almost the entire match. His disastrous performance was crowned by Rodrigo’s’ assist ‘ in the fourth goal, on a very wrong clearance inside the penalty area. Char Irma is completely unknown. From being a stubborn and insurmountable defender, anyone nowadays makes him a suit. He committed a penalty for a small grab on Vinicius, which cost him the first yellow, and in the 70th minute he was sent off for a foul on the Brazilian.

Condé and Ara ergo were bad but Christensen and Baldi were not saved either. The Dane was slow and as the minutes passed his performance was falling. He also did not contribute anything to the outlet of the ball and was hesitant at the back. It is no coincidence that Xavi chose to give ermigo Martinez the starting job for several matches of the season because Christensen is far from the level he showed last season. Baldi, who ended the duel against Osasuna with discomfort, hardly added anything in attack and suffered in defense. He is at a very bad moment in terms of form.

Barcelona’s defensive numbers are a disaster. In La Liga, the team conceded 22 goals in 19 matches, in the Champions League, six in six matches, four in the Spanish Super Cup and two more in the only match played by the Copa del Rey against Barbastro. In total there are 34 goals in 28 official matches.

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