‘Crypto Mario Pro’, or how Mario Conde ‘sold’ Banesto shares to plug the 1,500 million euro hole

Mario Conde He became a ubiquitous media presence, sharing his wisdom, especially when it came to economics. A liberal who does not like public spending, but who has managed his bank using money very freely? 

Alfredo pastor, then Secretary General of the economy, tells the sixth column How thanks to the Bank of Spain they found out that Mario Conde Banesto He has lost almost 1,500 million euros“The increase in market share was made at the expense of obtaining loans that other entities did not want, so the structure of the bank’s assets could not be so healthy,”he explains.

Months before his fall, Mario Conde was already getting paid all over the United States, but that was not enough. He needed money to plug the hole, so he ended up becoming a kind of ‘crypto Mario Bro’. Banker who , what ‘Cryptopro’, He was selling on television the shares of those that make you a millionaire. However, despite such an aggressive sale of the benefits of the banisto, the hole was not resolved and he was forced to To intervene to the Almighty Mario Conde.

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About the Author: Muhammad Idham