Diego Alonso: “we have to respect ourselves .”

It’s all right?’“The team is very angry with how the Champions League match ended. We had an extraordinary 60 Minutes , and they got away from us. On Sunday we have to endorse what we did and take it to the 90 minutes. We have pushed in the results for details. We have to be a more effective team to maintain the consistency we need.”

The end in person“It’s a final for Sevilla and I’m part of it. This is how I take it, knowing that it is important for the club I feel a part of.”

Villareal: “Without a doubt it’s a very good team that had a hesitant start to the campaign . We know the characteristics that Marcelino’s teams have, but beyond the respect we should have for Villarreal is the respect we should have for ourselves.”

Low –: “There are many football players who are recovering and have a chance to achieve this . After the wear and tear in the Champions League match, there are some who cannot train with the same intensity as the rest. The young players have had a little space so far because there are a lot of us in the first team but for me age is not a hindrance either up or down.”

Orientation“I feel involved in the project and proud to be in this institution. I feel their support””

Details: “The main competitor always ends up with us. In elite football, details and adjustments are important.”

Arbitration“There are organizations related to arbitration that constantly evaluate them. Asking the coach to say that referees should be punished seems unfair to me.”

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