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Bellingham is a mainstay of Real Madrid. At the beginning of the season, the Englishman shows that if the White team wants to lift any title this season, it should be with him on the field. In addition to that, With Vinicius or kamavinga injuries, the presence of the midfielder in the green zone becomes more capital. Ancelotti knows this and cannot give him a rest, since the team, despite being in the lead, is tied on points with Girona and with the Irma bar four away, he cannot take his foot off the gas pedal. Madrid wants to finish the Advanced year, so except for injury or punishment, the Englishman will play against Betis, Villarreal and Alaves. He can rest against Union Berlin in the Champions League by not playing anything.

The English fear of Bellingham

The teams know the importance of Bellingham for Madrid and they pay special attention to him. The Englishman is the second player of the tournament to receive the most fouls, behind only Isco and the one who gets the most from Ancelotti’s team. Last Saturday, in the match against Granada, the midfielder could be seen very angry with the referee after seeing how the team left some of these tickets without indicating. This , according to the English newspaper The Times, It’s worrying in England. In their country they are afraid that they will not be able to enjoy their star at the European Championship, due to a possible injury Due to the large number of entries you receive or Because the load of minutes that Ancelotti can give him ends with physical exhaustion At the end of the season or in some muscle injuries.

So far this season, Bellingham is the third most used player by Ancelotti, behind only Valverde and ramdiger. The Englishman missed three matches this season, two of them were due to a shoulder injury. Only against Las Palmas he rested by a technical decision. In the matches he started, the Italian coach barely took him out and when he does he has never been seen in the 70th minute of the match. This makes the player have already played almost 1500 minutes, in which he scored 15 goals and 4 assists. Against Granada last Saturday, the Englishman’s minute load was noticed and he arrived limping after being sprained on Wednesday against Napoli.

The English fear of Bellingham

Bellingham is only 20 years old and the minutes he has already spent in elite football are approaching 15,000. This same English medium The position of the midfielder is compared with the position of Bedri or Javi. The Englishman’s ancestors in the golden boy, had long-term injuries. The Canary Islands have accumulated three seasons of serial muscle injuries, after in his first year at Bar Irma he played absolutely everything, also with Spain. Now Javi will be absent for almost a year after he was seriously injured in the match of Spain against Georgia.

In England , they cross their fingers so that Bellingham arrives in the most favorable conditions at the end of the season So they can fight for the European Championship, because they are afraid that the same thing will happen to him as Bedri or Javi. They hope that Ancelotti will give him more rest, but the Italian coach will continue to use him whenever he sees fit, because he knows that the chances of winning the league and the Champions League Pass Through the Englishman’s shoes. Bellingham, essential for Madrid and England, both fans pray that he will be healthy throughout the season.

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