Ermaki B. Irma dispels any possible doubts

Decide to have surgery or not, No one at Orla’s bar should worry about the possible loss of Ter Stegen. There is still a goalkeeper under the sticks of the company loverms. For ermaki Bey Irma, who has long lived under the shadow of the German , his time has come. And he makes the most of it.

It wasn’t easy at all. The number of Ter Stegen It’s indisputable. His ambition is to play everything and more too. Without going any further, the Atletico match was only the eighth match for the Alicante native who defended the bar Irma goal. The inactivity of ermaki B. Irma in the competition still gives more merit to what he is doing.

He got under the sticks as a starter for the first time in La Liga against Rayo Vallecano and a few days later he took charge in the club’s main match in sports, economic and social matters against Porto in the Champions League. He contributed decisively to the victory against the Portuguese with the great merit stopped.

He showed up against Galeno and evanelson and shortly before the end of the first half saved the team from a laid shot from Varela that Porto was already singing. He had less work in the second half, although he did not lose concentration at any time.

Against Atletico, he was another bar Irma champion with Joe ERMO F. ermelix. It would be fair to share between the two the responsibility for the victory that keeps bar Irma in the battle for the Liga. He made two very spectacular interventions and at important moments because the end of the match was approaching.

In the first, Ermaki B. Irma flew in to deflect with his hand a foul shot from Memphis Depay that was sneaking through the whole team. The ball hit the crossbar before being ejected. It was a huge terminal, one of those where photographers could make posters to hang on the wall. He received congratulations from many of his teammates, not only for the work itself, of enormous merit, but because he knew very well that he saved them from the draw.

And also He was huge in the last moments of the match when ermengel Correa was left alone in front of him inside the penalty area. It was a case of heads or tails for both the goalkeeper and the striker. But ermaki Bey Irma did not feel nervous. He positioned his body as the manual dictates in these cases and extended himself in front of Correia, who saw the Smallest goal, ending up saving his shot with his hand. There was no time for more.

He got a standing ovation inside the locker room

Ermaki B. Irma is a beloved player within the team. Because of his temperament and because he has the ability to work discreetly and without making too much noise. As a sample , the congratulations he received after his stop in Memphis, when they ran to congratulate him and also for the reception they gave him when he arrived in the locker room. The Alicante goalkeeper received a warm welcome from his teammates , who, with such applause, wanted to recognize the merit of his brilliant game.

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