FIFA announces the reasons for imposing sanctions on Rubiales , which can now appeal

Luis RubialesThe former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation already knows the reasons that led FIFA to exclude him for three years from any football-related activity due to a non-consensual kiss on the mouth to Jenny Hermoso during the celebration of Spain’s world title in Sydney. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee decided to ban him with three years To act in a manner contrary to the principles set forth in Article 13 of the disciplinary code. The sentence was signed by Jorge IV ocean Palacio and consists of 35 pages. From this moment on, Rubiales can file his appeal against the verdict. The disqualification means that Luis Rubiales cannot have anything to do with federal football activity. That is, for example, he cannot organize a match, nor hold any position in any club or association.

In its logic , the disciplinary commission He refers not only to Rubiales ‘ kiss to Jenny, but also to the gesture of touching his genitals in the chest , to the moment when he lifted Athenia del Castillo on his shoulders holding her by her legs and to Olga Carmona’s kiss. The investigation took into account many pieces of evidence, including the video in the locker rooms in which Jenny Hermoso said that she did not like the kiss or the interview at the Cup in which Rubiales initially defended himself, as well as the video for the “Russian Federation”in which the former president of the” Russian Federation “stated that he should apologize because “there is no other alternative”.

FIFA bases its decision on the application of Article 13 of the disciplinary code. “Any person who violates the dignity or integrity of a country, person or group of people using insulting, discriminatory or malicious words or actions (by any means) on the basis of race, skin color, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, language, religion, political status, purchasing power, place of birth or for any other status or reason He will be punished with a suspension of at least ten matches or a certain period, or by any other appropriate disciplinary action“, Reads This article.

In its conclusions, the Disciplinary Committee emphasizes that ” today in Today, Spain is an example of gender equality And their commitment to this fight, as evidenced by their women’s national football team, especially in the context of the current disciplinary file. This gesture definitely tarnishes the image of Spain and the general understanding of Spanish culture”. In addition, it is considered that “The defendant, unfortunately, ruined the World Cup experience for many, Starting with the player and her teammates who have just become world champions for the first time in their history. The committee was therefore firmly convinced that the defendant, by his conduct, had brought the sport of football and/or FIFA into disrepute throughout the world.”

About Jenny’s kiss the commission is much harsher: “in this regard ,as a preliminary remark, the commission considered it necessary to emphasize that such a kiss, emanating from the president of the federation to a player of the laid sex of the national team under his supervision and responsibility, It was absolutely unacceptable. This, regardless of whether it was consensual or not. Indeed, by representing an entire country – which has just won the most prestigious women’s Championship-and by holding the highest position within the Federation, Your boss is expected to behave with the highest level of composure and distinction. In other words , he is expected to adopt an impeccable attitude, far from the one that was demonstrated during the awards ceremony”.

Attention is also drawn to voluntary declarations Mark Aspden And Chris Nico, The presidents of the New Zealand and Australian federations, respectively, are present at the final. Both said in a letter sent to FIFA that Rubiales”He was aggressive about the position he should occupy at the medal ceremony“, Which they considered”inappropriate and unnecessary”. Both explain this moment noting that Rubiales and his team were “arrogant” in the locker room tunnel before the medal ceremony to form a line in front of the authorities who were supposed to hand over the medals, until receiving a wake-up call from FIFA staff, which led to their dismissal. According to the Australian president, Rubiales ‘tone when responding was” unpleasant and unnecessarily aggressive.” Nico also referred to Rubiales ‘ behavior with English players, specifically when he “hit Laura Coombs on the face, which seemed strange to me, and then apparently kissed Lucy Bronze hard on the face.”

They also claim that they watched how he treated other players incorrectly in addition to Jenny Hermoso Al “She hugs and kisses other female players forcibly on their cheeks, holding their heads and touching parts of their bodies incorrectly”. Both of them ultimately show themselves favorable to punishment by considering it.”He is fully aware of the responsibilities that come with his position and we believe he has offended them, seriously discrediting the game”.

In the section corresponding to the defense presented by Rubiales, the document notes that the former president of the Russian Football Union stated that ” eThe players did not protest at any time […] So much so that when they were leaving the stadium, being on the bus, all the players started singing and cheering for him that Mr. Rubiales had to ask them to stop because they were making him blush”.

On August 26, FIFA has already decided to suspend Rubiales with caution For 90 days of all football-related activities at the national and international level. Based on Article 51.3, the former federal president may deduct this period of punishment from the final sentence.

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