Follow the ‘running’ video of the 2023 Christmas draw from Teatro Real

There is nothing more Christmas than to follow Christmas lottery. Every year, on December 22, everything revolves around what is happening at the Teatro Real Madrid, where it is celebrated The extraordinary draw of the National Lottery That distributes , in 2022, a total of 2,520 million euros, 112 more than in other years.

The children of San Ildefonso are the protagonists during the almost four hours that the draw lasts , during which time they are interrupted only by their most frequent chant, that of La pedrea, for the great proclamation Christmas lottery prizes: El Gordo, who distributes 400, 000 euros per tenth; the second, 125, 000 euros; the third, with 50, 000 euros; the two quarters, who give 20, 000 euros each and, finally, eight-fifths, with 6, 000 euros per tenth.

More about the Christmas lottery

The The giveaway starts around 9: 00 am, As soon as the schedule authorizes to start it. You can watch the giveaway on TV, in Special lasixta Presented by Kumba ermeros Luis Sanabria and Yerma Ruano, or follow everything that happens at the Teatro Real Madrid from this video.

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