“For once, he didn’t set up the Nativity scene”

“It’s time for love, Concord, gifts,” he notes Danny Matteo, Who says that we received one day , although he did not attend that Santa Claus But -“Mom zendal“. “It’s something from Santa Claus, just he goes with Rudolph and you go with Miguel Angel Rodriguez, but they both have red noses,” he jokes Great Wyoming.

The collaborator confirms that Isabelle d’ermaz Ayuso “He gave us one of his best speeches to date,” the one he gave in Puerta del Sol , and “For once, he didn’t set up the Nativity scene, It was created by others and she would have opened it with a very beautiful Parliament, ” he says.

“What a beautiful and refined Christmas message!”, Mateo points out when listening to the words of the president of Madrid, and adds: “God bless Ayuso! She is He only wants the best for his brothers and sisters, especially for his brother“.

“The more I hate, the more I love,” says Ayuso, with Dani Matteo assuring that ” she preaches by example, her last statements were not about hatred towards the sfernches but about love towards the fruit.” “It happens to ayusu with love, as with money for private health care, He has a lot to offer, ” the presenter declares , revealing that he left a message that ayusu No one is left behind On these dates he says: “it’s a pity that his management of housing was in a pandemic and not at Christmas.”

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