For the first time in Madrid , which can be held in mid-February

The mayor of Madrid, Jos-Luis Martinez-Almeida, wants to celebrate with a bomb in the capital. The ‘people’ reported this Tuesday that The maskelet that will be shot in the capital It can occur in First quarter of 2024 (Weekend of February 17 and 18, 2024). “We are working on it,” he stressed, thanking the cooperation of the Valencia City Council, ” with Mar Irma Jos-Catal-at the head.”Both groups are studying The perfect place to host This Valencian tradition.

“I think it could be that in the first quarter From 2024 there may be a ‘Masket mas’ (…) We have no experience (in “maskletais”) and that’s why they are directing us, “he said, answering journalists’ questions, before the opening of the Second Business Summit community in Madrid-the Valencian Community at the Real Madrid Casino de Madrid. Regarding the place where it will be launched, Almeida explained that the technical security and emergency services of both municipalities are studying it, as “there are many requirements that must be met.”Among the options, the city center looks.

For this reason, he appreciated the cooperation of the Valencia City Council and the mayor of the city. In general , he stressed the importance of this day “to strengthen relations between two fundamental autonomous regions for the future of Spain” such as the Valencian Community and the community of Madrid, regions that share “the same political model to make people’s lives easier” and that believe that “Freedom is the best way to continue progress“.

On the streets of Madrid, there are many options, as lasixta Noticias checks. “I don’t like rockets very much.”, One neighbor assures and another assures that she” stays there “, while others support her and it seems good to them. Of the latter, some believe that it is better to take it to the suburbs and not in the city center. There is also a division of opinions in Valencia: while some people think it’s good because it means expanding their traditions, others think it’s better if the tradition stays in the community.

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