“Fox is dragging the people’s party into the abyss of extremism and stupidity”

Benjamin ocean Prado He has asserted that the people’s party has two problems: “first, that He’s lonely. The second, which is strongly accompanied. During his participation in the discussion of the lasiksta zblica program, the writer added: “I hear nothing but nonsense , they say nothing More than nonsense“.

In his opinion, the ” problem BP’s alliance with Fox It is that the people’s party is being dragged into the abyss of extremism and stupidity.””It was the Fox logo that did a lot of damage to B, that of The right little coward. This stuck like a fork in the R, ” he recalls.

“We see Political isolation of the people’s party, Which at other times, when it was a more focused and moderate party, made an agreement with PNV, the Canary coalition…”, He reversed Benjamin Prado, as can be seen in the video on these lines.

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About the Author: Muhammad Idham