George R. R. Martin shares his opinion on the first episodes of the new season of ‘House of the Dragon’

Creator of the universe ‘Game Of Thrones’ George R. R. Martin contributed to his book Personal blog The trip he just took to London Who was able to visit Filming of the second season of ‘House of the Dragon’. The new episodes will arrive on HBO Max next summer as the platform announced with a preview A terrible war in which the Targaryen family will star After the death of King Viserys.

The teaser raises the complicated situation after the” mistakes made in the hours after the death of King Viserys”, which led to a war between the members of the House of Targaryen. “We have to go to war, many will die and the winner will end up occupying the throne,”says the character of Allyson Hightower in the video. Under the motto “blood for blood and fire for fire” there is an intuitive struggle that as can also be seen in progress will be especially bloody The reason is that ” there is no war that the gods deny more than a war between relatives, no war as bloody as a war between dragons.”

Martin explained that, Plus a two-day discussion with Ryan Cundall about Seasons 3 and 4 that have already been confirmed and are in processing, I was able to watch a preview version of episodes 1 and 2. Although the creator assures that he is” not objective when it comes to his work”, he says that the episodes he watched are”great”. He goes on to define it as” dark”, which is not surprising considering that this is a war. In addition to that, He warns that it is possible that they will make the audience excited“I didn’t cry, but one of my friends did.”Other qualifiers used by Martin in the first two episodes were ‘Powerful and heartbreaking’ To finish admitting this, that’s exactly all he likes:”tragedies and historical works”.

During his stay in London He also managed to visit the studio where the series was filmed, Something he wanted to do earlier but had to postpone due to the writers ‘ strike. His previous experience on television allowed him to watch many film sets, sets and real scenarios , but he confirms this “Nothing can compare with the Red Fort and the Dragonstone collections built in London”. “It’s huge, dazzling and so real that I felt as if I had stepped through a time portal and entered medieval Westeros,”he said.

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