“Get out of the way of the hard”

The Greater Wyoming And Sandra Sabat They review the latest economic news in the break in the sectionMullet pages‘. The first news they comment on is the possible rise of The minimum wage among professionals By 4% from the Ministry of Labor. It was possible to launch this proposal on The employer And the Trade unions At a meeting held this very morning.

The presenters also echo the proposal Mercadona From Salary increase For your new collective agreement. As Sandra Sabat ochems says, ” the company will stop connecting the earth with The rise of the Consumer Price Index Annually by linking it to Economic results From the company a maximum of 5%.”

Wyoming assures, after this news, “that it remains only to think about what Workers With a salary increase. He added: “I will invest in The bag, In a dime they charge you for each dime they will be able to buy A lot of“.

The latest news covered in the section is The clash between companies The unions are in the second round of negotiations on Tel from televencha. The USS Hibernia indicates that ” the General Federation of workers seeks that the Organization of work, Which would affect about 5,100 workers, are applied according to voluntary criteria and include Management Area“.

As the presenter explains , ” the The companyFor his part, he wants it to affect employees Over 55 years of age Because they are the most The cost of salary This means for the company.Wyoming states that ” telefilm ermenika intends to do with its workforce the same as everyone else did with Phones From his house: out of the way of Fixed“.

In addition, they also talk about the possible replacement of the current Minister of economy, Nadia Calvi-ERMO. Pedro Sanchez did not disclose who will replace the president after his departure to European Investment Bank Even if some names have already been dropped such as Manuel de la Rocha, David figara O Jos Luis Luis Escrivá.

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