“God is here, I’m sure Spain is breaking up”

‘Wyoming Pope’ and ‘altar boy Matthew’ analyzed in ‘Aznarian church’ New appearance of Gus Mar Mar Irma Aznar Who gave his verdict on The Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The former head of the government has shown his support for the former because ” it is the only democracy that exists in the region and it is exercising its right to defend itself.”

“Blessed are Aznar, who supports the Israeli people without regard,” Wyoming declares, to which Matteo replies that ” and the poor Palestinians, let them go to pepper.”Has Aznar Erasmo ever made a mistake?” Military affairs?”, The “pope” aznari asks him sarcastically, which the collaborator of the centrist company prefers not to answer.

They also analyze Aznar’s words in which he asserts that with Amnesty law “They want to tear up the coexistence of the Spaniards,” which “It’s a declaration of war.” “As a former head of government and a citizen of Spain, it is my duty to speak publicly .”Blessed is Aznar, who gave us his opinion and advice,” praises Wyoming, and Matteo adds that ” he always does it, even if no one asks him.”

To end the” homily”, he sings” Papa Wyoming “and “altar boy Mateo” to the passages of ” Aznar Erasmo “such as “God is here, surely as Spain breaks, surely as the “sun face”is sung in Ferraz”.

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