Guillotine raista threatens Ben oshtez


Ben oshtez I’ve been with for a while A noose around the neck and Every game will Squeeze a little more. Celts La carbora And his signature The worst start From The last 80 years. When it seems that it can start, another brake comes on (Follow the match live on He is in Landing And he just had Won the match In the league (2-3, Against the Almeria, On September 1). Since then, he has won six defeats and five draws. They are rare Joys It is operated by Cup, But doubts do not weaken. However, Benitez no It is shown Anxiety: “You You can sign a coach with a proven track record, A three-year contract in a The project Completely New, In The team In the last year He suffered to save himself. Therefore, I understand that this is part of the confidence that the club puts in me.”

No That is Lightning The The best competitor When the mail isA netrainer on a tightrope. And if not, let them ask Begging… He was the last victim of the French red guillotine. His Draw In the Beizhuan, After Francisco’s 0-2 lead (goals by Oscar Valente ocean and oshulfaro), Condemned Al Basque, He refused only a day later. On October 8th. This was the decline that Fill the glass Of his bad results: two wins in eleven days.

Guillotine raista threatens Ben oshtez

Nothing new under the sun. The Lightning He is The paradoxical executioner. He knows his current Coach, Francisco, a Who to defeat (2-1) With vallicanus Pound It costs his position On the bench of the Elche at 22-23. He still remembers the rocket of Unai El ampiz, with whom he is now joking. His baggage was one point in seven games. Koman As well as He suffered from red-haired Franks and Fired by Laporta In the middle of the return flight. Falcao gave him a final push, having lost to Bayern and Benfica in the Champions League and Madrid in La Liga, gaining 15 points in ten matches.

The Legend of Guillotine raista He returns to Decade of the 90’s. Team Marcos Alonso accused of running Valdano (1-2 to Madrid, on January 21 , 96, with a double from Guilherme), Lilo (1-2 to Salamanca, on February 25 , 96, with goals from Guilherme and ansimus) and Floro (1-2 to Albacete, on March 10, 96, with goals by Aquino and Cortijo). Before, it was Zambrano’s team, in 93-94 , that beat Atletico (2-1, on January 16, 94, with goals by vesnich and anisimos) and cost Emilio Cruz the position.

Guillotine raista threatens Ben oshtez

The threat exists, although no one pronounces it. In fact, Francis He got rid of in Praise to Benitez. Major. “He was one of the first Spanish coaches to achieve success abroad with Liverpool. He’s a father to people like me, Who has been on the sidelines of professional football for ten years. His luggage is incredible.”, Guarantees.

It is more, When Francisco was released As a striker in the first, he wears Basetti shirt, Rafa Benitez landed on the Liverpool bench (04-05). After his successes with Valencia, he packed his bags for the Premier League and filled them with the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup and the Community Shield. Now he must score points to avoid his premature farewell. In his favor Play Lightning difficulty in winning at home, Something he hasn’t done since mid-September (2-0 to Alaves). But be careful, the guillotine shines sharply…

Lightning lose Hawthorn

Lightning loses to Pasha Espino was penalized, while Celta will be able to line up their ceremony eleven. Only IDO and Carlos Dominguez are low in the heavenly ranks. The Galicians won twice in Vallecas in the Primera: 92-93 (0-1) and 95-96 (1-3). The latter put vallecanos in relegation, as they no longer leave in that first league of 22 due to the support crisis.

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