“He is ranked eighth all over the world”

The jewels are Weakness of Tita Cervera. Jewelry appraiser analyzed the most valuable Baroness of the program Research team It premiered in 2013 that lasixta aired again this Saturday.

It’s about diamonds.”Star of peace‘That looks at the most important moments, as it was Opening of the Thyssen Museum. She’s the diamond the Baron gave her for her wedding. “It is a unique stone in its size. He is ranked eighth worldwide by all appearances to date. “Its price will be about five to seven million dollars,”said Gus ochengel Ruiz, a jewelry appraiser.

For the wedding of one of the nephews of King Juan Carlos I, Gomez Acebo, the Baroness chose a very spectacular bracelet. “It’s an amazing aquamarine, Enormous in size. There are not so many stones of this size and it will be about 500,000 dollars,”the appraiser explained.

The show’s reporters asked the appraiser if he knew anyone else who invested a lot of money in jewelry. “Outside Spain, Elizabeth Taylor”.

* The content to which the information refers is part of the research team’s 2013 program rebroadcast on Saturdays.

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