“He should be calm and live separately ; he committed the atrocity of waging an illegal war”

Former head of government Jos Mar Orla Aznar said Sanchez’s inauguration speech was a ” declaration of war.”, A few words to which Miguel ermengel Revilla replied in the exta explica: “this man must be permanently silent, he will even have to live in a secluded place , because He committed the atrocity of organizing a war Absolutely illegal, for no other reason than that Mr. Bush wanted to finish the job that his father did not do.”

In this regard, Revilla stressed that ” the American arms industry has been pushing for conflicts and They took this from a useful fool To go there and sign for something terrible.”People who died as a result of what they did in Iraq, and this man gave himself up for it. “I am convinced that he did what Mr. Bush sent him,”said the former president of Cantabria.

By Miguel ochengel Revilla, Aznar ” was shocked When Bush took him to that farm and let him put his legs on the table. “They came out hugging, and even came out talking Texans,” said the former president of Cantabria, who criticized that former head of government He hasn’t apologized yet.

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