“I don’t know if it’s fair that they leave 60 cents after paying 150 euros for a meal”

Fernando Moreno, owner of the restaurant ‘La Rione Ermen’ in Manzanares el Real, spoke to lasixta explica to explain how the cards end tips. According to him, 70% of people who go to eat in his institution “pay by card”, which It causes the amount to be reduced “a lot”.

“We are not yet ready to pay a mandatory tip. This is not our culture now,” he said, explaining that ” many of the ones they receive are from people who drink coffee and have 20 cents left over.”The gesture seems good to him , but he criticizes it” after meals 120 or 150 euros will leave you a tip of 60 cents.”I don’t know if this is the fairest.”, Manifested. And it is that in his enterprise”the tip is distributed to all workers and if before that we tried to get a reasonable monthly tip, now we don’t have to go to distribute it for a month and a half”.

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