“I remembered that no firefighter came out of Chernobyl alive”

The accident that occurred at the vandels erse I nuclear power plant, In Tarragona, in 1989, he became “Spanish Chernobyl”. To find out more details about this topic, Emilio Domenech travels to Tarragona to meet two of the men who prevented the tragedy: Xavier lambrich, a firefighter, and Braulio Conejo, a vandelverts technician.

“I was one of the volunteers who came.”, Braulio Conejo explains, who was not working at the time but came to provide all possible assistance. The technician recalls how he realized that something had happened when he saw that ” white steam mixed with black smoke. “I saw that there was a very big problem and our house was burning and we went to save it,” recalls Conejo, who assures that they wanted to” save the furniture”: “we didn’t save them all, but they were enough for the pressure and temperature drop in the reactor.”

For his part, Xavier lambrich recalls how he lived that night, the “longest” of his life, working as a firefighter: “it was the first time that Keo and A few years have passed since Chernobyl., So you have in your mind fellow firefighters who were in Chernobyl because no one came out alive and you are entering a nuclear facility.”

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