“If we have a mistake, our defense system does not work”

Nutrition Veronika Chazin He visited the major Valley sverbado group to talk about warming dishes, which are a source of vitamins and fiber, as is the case with COD stew.

He’s got it all, ” she explained, because he Rich in fiber For hummus and in Folic acid For spinach, which is a green leafy vegetable. “Green leafy vegetables, in addition to helping the immune system, also help with blood circulation,”he explained.

But if fate is good for something, according to Veronika Chazin, This is because it helps intestinal health. In addition, he took the opportunity to warn: “if we get tired of the intestines and intestinal flora, where all defenses are formed,” it doesn’t matter what we eat because, “If we have a bad microbiota, our defense system will not work.”

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