In response, the latest victim of the most expensive Signature curse

The Curse of Rayo’s most expensive signing continues and de Tom Ermes became his last victim. The attacker, who cost eight million in a constant and three in a variable, has not yet shown the version of that first stage in Vallecas. Then he scored 24 goals in Segunda (17-18) and 14 in Primera (18-19). Last season he was registered in January and scored 4 goals in the 804 minutes he played in the league. At the same time as this cycle , although so far it gets wet only once in the cup. “Being the most expensive Signature is a responsibility. It motivates me. This means that they trust you, that you are important and that you have something inside. I have to take him out, “” the striker said as. Redd had already worn a Vitola from Espanyol’s star promotion, for which Benfica paid more than 20 million. Historical. However, it did not burden him there.

In response, the latest victim of the most expensive Signature curse

For Urla’s neighbor oshulfaru, a little less than five million was paid in 2018 and that was a hindrance in his early years with the tape. He did not find his place on the orders of imshel and Paco J. ochmez, but the arrival of iraula made him exploit his virtues. The rise of 20-21 was the final reinforcement. “I took a weight off my shoulder. When things didn’t work out, the idea of the most expensive Signature came to mind and I was reminded of it everywhere…”, Admit The end is in this newspaper. Current Top 3 From the more expensive Rista they complement it with fruits( 8 m)) and camels (5 m€), Who also do not shine and whose role is currently more secondary.

However, years — even decades – before De Tom Ermes and erlevaro, the red and white player who earned the most money was Klimovich. The arrival of the striker meant the disbursement of 360 million pesetas (for 2.16 million dollars) in the summer of 1996. The Argentine made this campaign Eleven goals, but failed to avoid descent From the band Vallecano, directed by Paquito, Zambrano and Maximo Hearn ermendez.

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