Is swimming good for your back? And running bad? Facts and myths about back pain

The doctor Luis ochelvarez GalovicAn expert in orthopedics and Traumatology and the president of the Spanish spine Association of major Valley sverbado spoke about how sports affect back pain. “Is it true that there are better and worse sports for the back?, “He asked Adela Gunz, And provided examples of”swimming is good and running is bad”. “This is wrong“, The expert answered.

And, is this, ” the truth is that it is very important to exercise and do the sport that suits you the most,””Swimming does not suit everyone Because there are people who cannot swim well and can hurt their neck or back. “It’s a good sport, but it’s not perfect for everyone,”he explained.

Something similar happens with running: “It’s a good sport for a lot of people“, Explained Luis erlvarez galovich. That’s why he explained that ” the most important thing is to do the sport you love and that keeps you in good shape.

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