Israeli soldiers Strip and handcuff dozens of Palestinian men in the middle of the street in Gaza

According to the photos that spread this Thursday on social networks, Israeli soldiers left dozens of Palestinians almost naked , with their hands tied or handcuffed On the streets of Gaza, and that in some cases they are transported in pickup trucks. Dozens of semi-naked men, with their hands tied or handcuffed, appear in photos published on Thursday while they remain on the street or are taken away by the Israeli army, and may be arrested.

Photos posted on social media sites show detainees in groups or in rows sitting on the street, their clothes and shoes scattered on the ground, or others being transported in military trucks. A third image shows what appears to be the same group, kneeling on the ground with their eyes covered by a blindfold, with Israeli soldiers in field uniforms around him, On sandy ground apparently cleared by bulldozers.

Eve has consulted with the IDF on this issue, which has confirmed that it will provide details on this issue soon. But Israeli television says they are “terrorists” from Hamas.”Some of the photos were commented on by local journalists in the Strip , who confirmed that they correspond to Civilians captured in Gaza cities such as Beit Lahia.

One of those who appear in the photos has been identified As journalist Dia al-Kahlout, The head of the Office of the New Arab newspaper in Gaza. The photos and videos, which have not been verified by independent sources, show, according to Israeli media, military checkpoints of Israeli troops in search of a possible”Terrorists.”

The United Nations considers “Very disturbing” these photos. “The images we saw this morning are very disturbing because everyone has the right to human dignity, and the images we saw today of how people are treated are very disturbing,”said the spokesman of the General Secretariat, Saint-ermvan Dujarric, at his daily press conference.

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