“It may happen one day and I hope we won’t complain.”

Emilio Domenech chat via video call companyJose Segura, Socialist deputy in 2012, To ask him about the proposal he made in the House of Representatives that year about solar storms: “How did you come up with the idea of analyzing this issue?”.

“At that time, the government of the autonomous community of Extremadura developed a preventive protocol in the face of the possibility that at some point Extremadura will be affected by a solar storm,”explains the socialist, who recalls that he believed that”if small areas of the geography of the Spanish state adopt a measure of these characteristics, it is very reasonable that it would be the federation that adopts”. It’s a final, one “A series of preventive measures, A whole set of regulations to defend the interests of EU citizens in a situation that may happen at some point”.

But what happened to that initiative? “This initiative was approved unanimously,” explains Segura, who, with all honesty, admits that from that review he “no longer has” knowledge of what the path was or whether the institutions of society reacted and adopted preventive measures.””But The sun is still there , the solar storms are still And one day there may be some phenomena that may affect some EU countries,” warns Gus Seg Segura, who launched a message: “What I wish is that, at that time, we do not complain.”

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