“It seems a bit excessive to me”

Beatriz de Vicente He has analyzed the late of the best Arrest of Juan Jose-ballista For alleged theft by violence, they are released without taking precautionary measures to the facts. Explaining that he does not know the severity of the actor’s injuries and that neither the jacket that his friend said he stole from him, nor the money allegedly taken, was found.”It does not seem to be based on evidence of criminality“.

“I’m not going to question a detention that I don’t know the elements of, but if I really There is no indication, says your lawyer, Stay 24 hours at the police station…”, The lawyer and criminologist suspect, who considers the measure “A little excessive”.

In the program, he talks about the character of the “accused not detained”, but insists that he does not have all the elements on the table to talk about the “legality” of this detention. He also explains that whenever there is theft by violence, there is no distinction between theft and robbery , but it is always theft by violence: “I can take a euro from you, that if I take it from you by violence, it is theft by violence“.

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