“It’s a shame that we put translations of Andalusia and the titular king and not Tamara Falcó”

Nacho Jarque Irma highlighted in La Roca three moments that drew his attention to Tamara Falk Irma’s new home, which the socialite herself demonstrated. “The first is the one in which he talks about the above from the kitchen. “It’s a shame that on television screens in Spain you put subtitles for Andalusian people or the honorary King because you think they are incomprehensible and Tamara Falk is not,” said the collaborator after showing the photos of the moment, after which he admitted that I even listened to the video “16 times” And I still don’t know what Falk was saying.

“He just said it in English, if you don’t know English…”Juan del Val answered, after which your neighbor showed Irma the second moment that caught his attention to the report: namely, the chef admits that she threw a room away in order to make herself a large dressing room. “I can do that too , but Then Should I sleep in the dressing room“, The contributor commented.

Finally, Nacho your neighbor Irma highlighted that Tamara Falk put a 25 cm limestone skirting board in place: “do you know how much money you should get? I honestly don’t even know if I have a skirting board. ¿What is the point of spending money for laying a skirting board From 25 cm of rocky limestone? Who will enjoy it? Your rumba?”, He wondered.

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