Javi Guerra and Hugo Doro missed training due to illness

The Valencia team is no stranger to the viruses that have plagued half of Spain these weeks. This morning, actually, Two players missed training The headlines should be next Tuesday, at mastala, against Villarreal: Javi Guerra and Hugo Duro. Valencian players suffer from a The process of viral influenza This has prevented them from training this morning with the rest of their teammates, after doing so yesterday afternoon, in mastala.

Javi Guerra and Hugo Doro missed training due to illness

However, the, All of the central, Who returns after serving two matches of the penalty, As a central striker, they must be restored to face the Valencian Community Derby Next Tuesday, before the submarine. As usual in the last three months, Also the rarest Alm Almeida was on the course, Who has a vertebral fracture and does not have a scheduled return date. Diakhabi was the other absentee, Although the French-Guinean, who will serve the penalty match against Villarreal, is no longer expected until the end of January where he will leave for the African Cup.

On a positive level it is again (Gus) Luis (Louis Guy )à, Which He returned to training this morning as usual. The captain, if an incident does not happen at the last moment, will be out of the match against Villarreal after having to stop several matches due to various inconveniences. The ward has worked at a good pace and is already one of the members of the group.

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